Jolanta siemianowska


Certified Pilates Instructor

About me

“It’s easy to get caught up being busy with work and day-to-day life. Taking time out to focus on yourself is crucial and I want to provide a comfortable relaxing environment for exactly that.

Focusing on one’s own well being has never been more important, that is why I strive to progressively expand my unique vision through the health, fitness, and Pilates method…”

What I do?

Pilates 0ne-to-one

In one to one Pilates sessions I will focus on your personal needs, which is not possible in regular group sessions. Click below to find out more details.

Jumping and Pilates

The Pilates on Jumpboard or is often used for plyometric training as it mimics the hard surface of the floor. 

Pilates on rotational Diskboard

This unique Reformer accessory  is especially good for rehabilitation and allows client’s to progress at precise pace and ability.  In my studio, It’s used only for clients with limited range of motion and special needs.


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