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JFit Ritual

“The mind when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power"

Joseph Pilates


In an era where life is fast-paced, it is not uncommon to be on a path of never-ending action. Such a lifestyle will take a toll on our health and wellbeing. Compulsive exercise exposes us to overtraining, low performance, muscle tissue breakdown, and the risk of injuries. But how can we avoid it?  

At JFit Studio we prioritise our clients wellbeing by implementing holistic approach. We want to make sure, each of our client understand how important is to have a self-care plan. Practicing Pilates once a week is a great start to make changes in our overall health but extra steps can make a significant positive turnout. 


JFIT THERAPY RITUAL is a unique “signature treatment” of JFit studio. Key benefits of this ritual is, to re-educate under-recruited muscle fibres through Pilates session and breath work and release of muscle tension patterns through post-exercise bespoke body massage targeting the area with most tensed muscle fibres The combination of physical and manual therapy in one treatment is very effective and has been very successful to restore freedom of body movement. JFIT THERAPY RITUAL has been tried on clients in the studio for over the period of 10 months at the start. We have been combining regular Pilates sessions followed by massage treatment using different specific techniques, targeting the areas the most needed. The effective results are quite impressive and satisfaction of the clients is priceless. Why don’t you try it yourself ? Get in touch to book your Ritual 

What is included

Mat Pilates

45 min
  • What's included:
  • Low impact corrective exercise
  • Correct breathing technique
  • Mobilisation of the joints
  • Flexibility of the muscles
  • Stretching of the entire body

Short Break

10 min
  • What's included:
  • Refreshment drink
  • Refreshment towels
  • Privacy time to get change
  • Preparation of the room for second part

Bespoke Massage

60 min
  • What's included:
  • Tailored massage for your own needs
  • Carefully chosen massage techniques
  • Relaxing and calming environment
  • Heated massage bed

T&C Apply :
Clients must book this special Ritual 10 days in advance.

Be aware this Ritual is not suitable for people who have never tried Pilates before. We strongly recommend you to book your Pilates Initial consultation first and attend at least three Pilates sessions to gain maximum results from this treatment.  

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