The History of pilates

”Contrology is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit"

Joseph Pilates

What do we know about Pilates?

We are living in the era of where the information on chosen subjects can be easily found online in a few seconds. Search one word, click and there are hundreds of articles about the chosen subject. But how do we know if the found information is actually true? Thinking about years back, much information about Joseph Pilates and his method came from nowhere and there was no proof, if this information is coming from a true source. Fortunately this won’t happen anymore. We are very lucky to have passionate enthusiasts in the Pilates industry who are protecting the Legacy of the method and many who are also doing intensive research. Personally I follow the work of Sean Gallagher and Elaine Ewing. You can find about them by checking the links below but if you really wants to know how Pilates method developed, you must read book ” GET TO KNOW JOE PILATES” by Cathy Strack 

joe pilates book

"Get to know Joe Pilates"

Inside the book you will find complete biography of Joseph Pilates, which will give you closer understanding of the man behind the method.

Elaine Ewing

Elaine is owner of Rhinebeck Pilates, and a third generation, certified Authentic Pilates teacher through the New York Pilates Studio®. Many pieces of original equipment from Joseph Pilates 8th Avenue Studio can be found within Rhinebeck Pilates.

Elaine has studied pilates extensively through lessons with Sean Gallagher, Pam Pardi, Steve Giordano, Cynthia Shipley, and Bob Liekens, to name a few. She teaches daily in her Rhinebeck studio and also taught at The New York Pilates Studio®. She has also taught mat classes at Jacob’s Pillow, the same place where Joseph Pilates famously taught his original mat classes. 

Sean Gallager

Sean Gallagher is the owner of the largest collection of archival material on Joseph Pilates. He is also the owner of and master physical therapist at Performing Arts Physical Therapy, as well as a master Pilates teacher and teacher of teachers at his studio in New York City, The New York Pilates Studio®. Additionally, Gallagher has published three books: The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, The Collected Works of Joseph Pilates, and The Joseph H. Pilates Archive Collection

Pilates History Research Archive™

The Pilates History Research Archive™ is a compilation of ongoing pilates history research and archival pilates information conducted by and shared by Sean Gallagher, Sean Gallagher’s Pilates Archive™, The Pilates Source®, and Elaine Ewing. 


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