Prices and offers

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Prices & Offers

At JFit Pilates studio we value client’s health and needs. Everybody deserve to practice Pilates. That’s why our One-to-One sessions have one price only! 

No matter if you exercise on mat or work on Reformer, or practice on vertical frame. The prices here are the same. Pilates method is only one and in my studio I don’t charge extra for using Reformer or Vertical Frame.


£ 40 60 min session
  • Explanation of Pilates principles
  • 10 min warm up
  • 40 min Main workout
  • 10 min Cool down
  • Equipment provided
  • Drinking Water and towels provided

First consultation

£ 50 80 min session
  • Consultation
  • Postural assesment
  • Explanation of Pilates principles
  • Intruduction to basic movements
  • Equipment provided
  • Drinking Water and towels provided

"...I Work With Each Client To create A Program For their special Needs..."

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