One-to-One Pilates

What to expect?

No matter if you are beginner or advanced Pilates practitioner, every session at JFit Pilates studio is tailored for client’s needs and goals.

If you are a new client at JFit Pilates studio, on arrival, your posture will be assessed and further steps will follow depends on your body type and body condition on exact day of your session. I will guide you through different movements to help you mobilize your joints, strengthen your muscles and overall balanced your body and posture. The first time when we take any new fitness program, it can be a little intimidating. That’s why The principles of Pilates will be explained to you, so you can understand Pilates terminology and feel more comfortable when movements are performed. You will learn the basic movements and breathing patterns of Pilates, integrating the mind and body resulting in increased energy and relaxation. 

You’ll be performing movements  that’s based on either a mat,  or an apparatus called a reformer, which is a sliding carriage complete with a foot bar, springs, and pulleys that provide resistance. You might be also exercise using apparatus called “Vertical frame”. Every day our body respond differently that’s why your regular sessions will vary from each other.  You might only do mat-work and at next session you might work on Reformer, on another session you might exercise on Vertical frame or you might be working on all together in one session. The equipment at the studio is there to help you engage with your own body and mind. 

Difference between mat and apparatus


Mat-work is essentially the foundation of Pilates. Most of my clients start with mat-work in order to build strength, flexibility, and posture. By building a foundation with mat Pilates, you will be able to understand how to control your muscles. While mat session may not have the same experience as session on reformer, you will see and feel results and improvements within a few sessions.


A reformer apparatus may seem daunting, especially since it resembles a torture device. The reformer is made up of pulleys, springs, straps, cables, and bars. Each part can be adjusted for more or less resistance and allows for more modifications than mat-work. By adding weight and resistance to your Pilates practice, you may start to see a change in your body sooner than with the mat training classes.

Vertical frame

When you perform your movements on vertical frame you can access total body work immediately and also safely prepare yourself for more advanced Pilates mat moves. The Vertical frame is an extremely adaptable piece of apparatus and like all other pieces of apparatus, can be used to further challenge or give you support in order to address the functional needs of yours.

What to wear?

Before your first ever session at JFit Pilates studio, you will receive an email about studio Policy with rules to read at home. Those rules will include many points including what to wear. Below you will find a few tips of what to wear to your session at JFit Pilates Studio.

"Choose active wear that is stretchy but not baggy or loose"

By wearing fitted rather then loose active wear  I can see your movements better and your clothes don’t get caught in springs or other equipment. Some Pilates movements end with your legs in the air or your torso inverted,  loose clothing could ride up or fall down to be revealing. 

"Footwear- please wear socks for your session"

JFit studio runs high hygiene standard etiquette. Socks must be worn at all times for hygiene purposes. Jfit Pilates studio can provide (for additional cost) non-slip socks which are great to use on the equipment. Otherwise normal socks without the grip are fine.

"Zippers and other accessories are a big NO at the studio"

Repairs are costly and can cause downtime for the studio. Zippers, buckles, buttons attached to your active wear can severely damage the upholstered Pilates apparatus. Long necklaces and dangling bracelets can be distracting as well as dangerous if they get caught up in the equipment.

What to bring?

Drinking water and towels are provided.The only one thing you must bring with you is good vibe / positive energy.

“Happy client-Happy teacher”

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

Joseph Pilates

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