Key benefits of JFit Ritual are:

  • Re-educate under-recruited muscle fibers through Pilates session and breath work
  • Release of muscle tension patterns through post-exercise bespoke body massage targeting the area with most tensed and stressed muscle fibres.



JFIT THERAPY RITUAL is a unique “signature treatment” of JFit studio.

Self-care plan for well-being should be holistic. It should integrate practices to take care of our physical body, emotions, and mind. In an era where life is fast-paced, it is not uncommon to be on a path of never-ending action. Such a lifestyle will take a toll on our health and wellbeing. Compulsive exercise exposes us to overtraining, low performance, muscle tissue breakdown, and the risk of injuries. JFit therapy ritual focuses on implementing low impact corrective exercise programme as a self-care strategy for well-being, and integrate it with massage therapy.

With our client’s in mind, we want to provide effective results in achieving better mind and body health, that is why Pilates session will boost your energy by waking up every system in your body and post-workout bespoke massage will target your circulatory system to help you get rid of waste products and toxins. As a final results your manual therapy will stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system ( “rest and digest” response) to help you feel completely relax.

Terms & Conditions

  • JFit Therapy Ritual must be booked 5 days in advance and it will include movement and manual therapy in one session.
  • JFit Therapy Ritual is not suitable for new clients who have not practiced Pilates before.
  • New Clients of JFit Studio must book initial consultation first
  • You will be able to print this voucher once transaction is complete. You will also receive an email copy of the voucher so it can be printed at a later time.



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